Seville Animal Hospital offers boarding for our established clients and patients.  Our clients can feel comfort leaving town knowing that their pets are being cared for by our doctors and trained staff.   You can be assured that while you are vacationing, your pet will be on vacation as well. 


Requirements: For your pet's safety and others in our care, all pets must be current on annual vaccines and vaccinated for rabies.  In addition, dogs must be current on the bordetella vaccine. This vaccine prevents kennel cough, which is common in boarding and grooming facilities, where dogs spend a great deal of time.

Nutrition: Your pet will be fed a premium veterinary approved diet while visiting us.  You may bring your own food from home if your pet is finicky or if you prefer your pet's diet to not be changed.  We do however offer such pets canned food to encourage their appetite.  Most often a little pampering and canned food does the trick.  If you do bring your pet's food from home, we ask that it be in a clearly marked container with your pet's name and feeding directions on it. 

Personal Items: Seville Animal Hospital maintains a plentiful supply of bedding and bowls.  We encourage owners to allow us to provide the comfort of these items while your pet is with us and ask that you not bring such items from home.  Proper disinfecting is necessary and animals frequently destroy items in their cage if bored.  Seville Animal Hospital is not responsible for personal items.  If your pet has a favorite toy, feel free to check with our staff to determine if it meets our hospital's safety requirements.

Puppy Playtime: We have puppy playtime throughout the day.  Dogs that behave, get to run throughout  hospital and play hospital mascot for the day.  We feel that this individual attention makes your pet's stay a little less stressful.  It's fun for the staff as well. 


Kitty Playtime: While our staff is cleaning the cat ward, cats are individually released from their cages where they can roam freely and get some exercise.  Fresh catnip and treats are offered to make their stay more enjoyable. 

Doctors on site:  We are different than other boarding facilities.  Should your pet become ill during his/her stay, the team at Seville Animal Hospital notifies the doctor, they in return contact the emergency number and/or begin medical treatment to insure the health of your pet.  Pets requiring special care, including medication and those that stress easily are welcome and encouraged to board with us for the very reason that our doctors will make your pets stay more enjoyable by keeping them healthy. 

Another unique aspect to boarding where doctors are on site is that routine medical services can be provided while you are away.  For your convenience, you can have your pet spayed or neutered while on vacation.  You can also have your pet's teeth cleaned or have any other wellness treatment done that our doctors have suggested for your pet. 

Fleas:  Seville Animal Hospital takes all precautions inside the hospital to provide an environment free of external parasites, such as fleas.  Bedding is frequently washed, floors are frequently disinfected and we strongly recommend each pet be treated with a monthly flea control.  However, there are some months when fleas outside are unavoidable and may jump on your pet.  For additional protection against flea infestation, when you pick up your pet we can administer a safe pill, called Capstar, that will kill any flea on your pet within 30 minutes.  This pill can be administered upon discharge of your pet and begin working before you return home.  Cost is less than $7.00

Note:  Upon admission to our hospital, animals are checked for fleas.  Animals that have fleas will be given a Capstar pill to help aid in the fight against flea infestation to their surrounding neighbors.  The additional charge will be added to the bill when the pet is picked up. 

Scheduling: We are especially busy during spring, summer and around the holidays. Please schedule your pet's stay, well in advance, to make certain a cage is available.

Drop off and pick up: You may drop off and pick up your pet anytime during office hours.  However, if you want to take advantage of having your pet bathed the day he or she going home, please plan on picking up after 4:00pm.  This insures that our groomers have plenty of time to see to it that your pet is dry and completely pampered before you pick up. See our grooming page for more information.  


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